Grant Success Stories

5k Color Walk/Run & Health Fair

In October, LIllian Sanchez-Lee, Raylene Sanchez-Lee and Jaden Manjarrez held a 5k run/walk and health fair in Yakama, WA. A total of 19 runners attended the event. As part of the event, the group raised money for the Family, Career, And Community Leaders of America chapter to fund their Easter color run/walk. They also had a guest speaker, Waylon Pee Pahona. The guest received a water, apple, bagel, and a candy bag for Halloween. The top two winners of the run received a We R Native t-Shirt and lanyard. The other guest received a We R Native sticker and keychain. They also had 2 health booths for this event where the group handed out resources for traditional and spiritual healing through native culture and held discussions about developing healthy lifestyles. If you are interested in carrying out a similar project, apply for a community service grant today!

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